About us

Our Vision

To enhance the beauty, to celebrate the strength and to promote the unity of women.

About Anne

Anne Kiwia founded her label in 2012. Starting out with a sustainable vision and a sewing machine she began from grassroots. Today, she mentors the team of women who work with her, their product is outlet in many countries and the brand is growing.

Taught to sew and embroider by her grandmother, Anne Kiwia entered the world of matching colours and textures at a very young age.

Anne Kiwia

Our Product

Finding particularly unusual fabric prints is what the team loves best. Every now and then Anne finds a garment that make all the women stop what they are doing, abandon their sewing machines and group around to feel, exclaim, laugh.

Our Product

The Healing Room

The women Anne appoints to work with her are strong and smart, hard-working and well-practiced in overcoming obstacles.

As their skills have grown, so has their confidence. The joy of being productive and providing for their children has forged a strong community bond – and it all began in the workshop of Anne Kiwia, the refuge they now call The Healing Room.

“The women who work with me have become my family.  Our workplace is a heaven where we can talk openly, laugh together, work hard and create. But more importantly, this place gives us all the space to cry, to sift through our pain, and to heal.”  

Anne Kiwia